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Free the Bears have teamed up with the crew from the Huma Charity Challenge, to bring to you adventure with a conscience! On this 11-day action-packed adventure, you'll be treking, biking and kayaking all in the name of saving bears. 

When joining a Huma Charity Challenge you embark on a remarkable journey to discover your inner philanthropist as you raise money for a charity that is important to you. At the same time you take on the challenge of fundraising and partake in an adventure to discover new worlds, new landscapes and new cultures. Perhaps you’ll even discover how far your personal boundaries stretch as you take on a physical challenge like a cycling, trekking or a mountaineering adventure.

Bears are famous for their stoic natures and sheer determination, both qualities that you will demonstrate as you take on challenges on this incredible trip to help Free the Bears. Visit newly opened Cat Tien Bear Rescue Centre in Vietnam housing bears rescued from the bile trade. Here we also enjoy trekking, biking and kayaking in Cat Tien National Park surrounding jungle, as well as unique challenges to enrich the lives of bears in our sanctuaries... building climbing towers, weaving hammocks and creating herb gardens to spice up the lives of rescued bears! Our challenge will leave you with a deep sense of achievement as you witness for yourself the beneficiaries of all your hard work...hundreds of beautiful rescued bears. As a sponsored challenge there is no limit to how much you can raise, and once you return home you will be able to personally share the stories of the bears with your friends and family, knowing that you have made a very real difference to their lives.



The Free the Bears Vietnam and Cambodia Charity Challenge is an 11-day adventure departing 1 November 2016. For more information on this adventure package, or for details on how to book click here.