Blue sponsorship


In Feb 2015 following a tip off, rangers in Cambodia discovered a tiny male sun bear cub in a small blue box hidden in an outhouse in Southwest Cambodia. He was only 3.5kg and named Blue.

Blue had trouble walking in his early days. He got tired after a few steps. An x-ray confirmed he had a spinal malformation. After 24 months of loving care, global veterinary advice and the encouragement of other cubs, Blue's strength grew and he learnt to walk.

These days Blue has no trouble getting around and lives in a giant forest enclosure at the Cambodian Bear Sanctuary with best friends Bearzilla and Alfie.

By sponsoring Blue you'll be contributing to providing for his daily needs - a healthy diet, health checks, enrichment activities and a forest enclosure. We will post you a letter containing a special sponsorship certificate with a photograph and information about Blue and the satisfaction that you have helped to make a difference.