CJ Sponsorship


Forced to beg in the dusty streets of India, CJ was in terrible physical and psychological condition when we arrived at the sanctuary. An untreated infection on his muzzle had spread all the way to his optic nerve, causing him to lose his eyesight. Neglected and made to starve for months at a stretch, CJ was almost on the verge of giving up when rescued in 2004.

Despite everything he had been through, CJ has extraordinary emotional strength and character. With the help of his dedicated carers, he has made remarkable progress in terms of his health and psychological well-being. His keepers and the bears he shares an enclosure with all dote on him and ensure his comfort at all times.

A big bear with an even bigger appetite, CJ loves gorging on watermelons and porridge. He recently turned twenty but even without sight, he has little trouble finding his way around. His favourite enrichment is the ball that we stuff with dates or fill with honey. CJ also loves playing with the enrichment bell in his field, and he listens to the ringing sound in childlike wonder!

It is heartening to see that despite all the hardships he has faced, CJ is still able to find pleasure in the simple things in life. The scars on his mutilated muzzle, several missing teeth and the fact that he lost his ability to see act as a constant reminder of the cruelty inflicted upon hundreds of innocent bears.

Sponsoring CJ helps provide ongoing health care, a healthy diet, enrichment and a lovely forest sanctuary to CJ and his rescued friends.