Hope sponsorship

No-one knows where Hope was born. She and seven other Moon bear cubs were seized from a wildlife trader’s house in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in December 2003. Being close to the border of Laos, it is quite likely that she was stolen from the forest and illegally trafficked across the border into Vietnam.

Most probably the victim of a snare, Hope is missing a forelimb and part of a paw. This cruel way of capturing bears and other wildlife is responsible for countless deaths.  Hope, however is a survivor.

By sponsoring Hope, you will be contributing to providing for her daily needs - a healthy diet, health checks, enrichment activities and a forest enclosure. We will post you a letter containing a special sponsorship certificate with a photograph and information about Hope and the satisfaction that you have helped to make a difference.

You can buy your very own soft Hope Bear here (give her a hug whenever you need some inspiration).

If you would like to give a Bear Sponsorship to a loved one as a gift (and make a one-off payment of AUD$420 per year or AUD$210 for 6 months rather than monthly installments), please email us directly on accounts@freethebears.org.au