Mary sponsorship

Mary was rescued in December 2018 and christened Mary Christmas in honour of our founder Mary Hutton. Mary was intercepted by a Department of Forest Inspection officer who saw her in the back of a truck outside a roadside restaurant, just before she was lost forever to an illegal wildlife trafficker.

Mary is a gorgeous little sun bear with a vivacious personality who loves to play. She was the only sun bear at the Laos sanctuary (we have over 60 rescued moon bears in Laos) until a rescue in June 2019 of a 4 year old female sun bear who had spent her entire life alone in a small cage. The two are now best friends and constantly play and wrestle.

By sponsoring Mary, you will be contributing to providing for her daily needs - a healthy diet, health checks, enrichment activities and a forest enclosure. We will post you a letter containing a special sponsorship certificate with a photograph and information about Mary.

Special Limited Edition 2019 Christmas Card collection featuring Mary Christmas

If you would like to give a Bear Sponsorship to a loved one as a gift (and make a one-off payment of AUD$420 per year or AUD$210 for 6 months rather than monthly installments), please email us directly on