Mary sponsorship

Mary was rescued just before Christmas in December 2018 and was immediately given the name Mary Christmas in honour of our founder Mary Hutton. Mary was intercepted by a Department of Forest Inspection officer who saw her in the back of a truck outside a roadside restaurant, just before she was lost forever to an illegal wildlife traficker.

Mary is a gorgeous little sun bear with a vivacious personality who loves to play. She was the only sun bear at the Laos sanctuary (we have over 60 rescued moon bears in Laos) until a rescue in June 2019 of another female sun bear, who will eventually be able to join Mary and keep her company.

By sponsoring Mary, you will be contributing to providing for her daily needs - a healthy diet, health checks, enrichment activities and a forest enclosure. We will post you a letter containing a special sponsorship certificate with a photograph and information about Mary.