Brandy Bear

Brandy Bear

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Brandy Bear stands 24cm high.  She's a Limited Edition bear - don't miss out!

The real Brandy is a beautiful golden-coloured moon bear who was found clinging to a tree in a large forested area due to be converted to a palm oil plantation. She was kept as a pet but grew too big to handle and was donated to our Cambodian sanctuary in 1999. We don't know her exact date of birth but believe she was born in 1996.

Brandy is an especially gentle moon bear who continues to surprise and delight our visitors when she emerges from the trees in a burst of golden yellow fur. Many people mistake her for a lion at first.  Golden moon bears are an extremely rare genetic colour phase of the moon bear and we are honoured to have Brandy in our care.

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Here's the real Brandy: