Hope Bear

Hope Bear

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Hope Bear is a big softy and loves a good hug. Standing 25cm tall, once you pick her up you might not be able to put her down. She's the perfect moon bear teddy friend.

No-one knows where the real Hope was born. She and seven other moon bear cubs were seized from a wildlife trader’s house in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in December 2003. Being close to the border of Laos, it is quite likely that she was stolen from the forests of Laos and illegally trafficked across the border into Vietnam.

Hope is missing a forelimb and part of a paw, most likely from a snare. This is an extremely cruel way of capturing bears and other wildlife.  Many do not survive.  Hope, however is a survivor.  We 'hope' that your Hope Bear will inspire you to overcome challenges you may face.

You can also sponsor Hope, which will provide much-needed funds to help us care for Hope and the other bears in our sanctuary.

Hope at the Cat Tien Bear Sanctuary: