Mokiup Bear

Mokiup Bear

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Mokiup (pronounced mok-ee-up) is a big softy and loves a good hug.  Standing 25cm tall, once you pick him up you might not be able to put him down.  He's the perfect sun bear teddy friend.

The real Mokiup is one of Free the Bears' greatest success stories, rescued from a tiny cage in 2004 in atrocious conditions with a chain around his neck. He was in such a poor condition he was affectionately named Mokiup, which roughly translates as "ugly-face" in Cambodia's native language, Khmer.

Over a decade later and no one would call him that!  Mokiup is now a beautiful and trusting bear, always putting on a show for visitors, happy in the knowledge he is cared for and always safe from harm, thanks to our supporters.

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Here's the real Mokiup: