Good Friday Came 2 Weeks Early!

Good Friday has come early!

GOOD FRIDAY arrived 2 weeks early with 4 bear rescues on Friday March 16.  This tiny sun bear cub, estimated to be around 1 month old, arrived in our Cambodia sanctuary.  She is only 1.4 kg, just crawling, requires 24 hour care & 7 feeds a day.

Three (3) moon bears were also rescued in Laos - 2 females & a young male.  They will be placed with a support organisation until we can raise funds to complete our partially built Quarantine House.

RECENT RESCUE UPDATE: The 3 red pandas rescued in January are doing well.  We've just built special cooling nest boxes which will allow them to escape the summer heat. 

The 2 emaciated bears rescued on March 1 are beginning to gain weight & look healthier.  Thanks to everyone who supported this rescue.
Many thanks to all of our supporters around the world - without you, we couldn't do what we do.