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The following materials provide a great introduction to moon bears and sun bears.  

Moon Bear & Sun Bear Facts ENGLISH

Moon Bear & Sun Bear Facts KHMER

Moon Bear & Sun Bear Facts LAOS

Moon Bear & Sun Bear Facts VIETNAMESE

Media Coverage

Incredible Moment 16 Bear Cubs Were Rescued, The Project, Channel Ten Australia, June 2024

World's Largest Rescue of Threatened Bear Cubs, Reuters, April 2024

Fighting to Protect Cambodia's Wilderness, Project Wild, ABC Australia, December 2023

Vietnam's bear bile industry is fading away, National Geographic, November, 2021

Bears About the House, A 2 episode docuseries about the work of Free the Bears, filmed throughout 2019, first broadcast 2020, BBC Studios, Episode 1

Mega reserve for rescued moon bears, Mongabay, April 2020

Free the Bears founder awarded Order of Australia, Perth Now, January 2020

A beary merry Xmas for rescued cubs, Yahoo News, December 2019

Tiny bear cub siblings learn to be wild, The Dodo, December 2019

Historic 5 bear cub rescue in Laos, Herald Sun, August 2019

Tiny orphaned sun bear cub learns to climb, The Dodo, March 2019

Starving moon bears rescued in Laos, The Dodo, February 2019

What it's like rescuing sun bears in SE Asia, Travel Insider, January 2019

The bear necessities in Luang Prabang: Silkwinds, October 2018

World's largest red panda rescue: National Geographic, January 2018

Bile farm research shows bears at risk: National Geographic, July 2018

World's first sun bear symposium:, September 2017

Strengthening the fight against the bear bile trade: South China Morning Post, July 2017

Inside the disturbing world of bear bile farming: National Geographic, May 2016

Restoring sight in rescued Asian moon and sun bears: Vet Times, March 2016

Pride of Australia medals recognise WA's heroes: Perth Now, September 2015

First brain surgery performed on a bear: National Geographic, April 2013

Publications & Scientific Papers

Perceptions of the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on communities and wildlife trade: Preliminary qualitative analysis from hunters in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, Conservation Science and Practice, February 2023

Traditional Khmer Medicine and its role in wildlife use in modern-day Cambodia, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, September 2022

Revisiting the 4 R’s: Improving post-release outcomes for rescued mammalian wildlife by fostering behavioral competence during rehabilitation, Frontiers in Conservation Science, August 2022

Limitations and challenges of adapting subjective keeper questionnaires to non-Western sanctuary settings, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, April 2022

Review of field methods for monitoring Asian bears, Global Ecology & Conservation, June 2022

How Will the End of Bear Bile Farming in Vietnam Influence Consumer Choice?, Conservation & Society, November 2021

Characteristics of sun bear chest marks and their patterns of individual variation, Ursus, January 2021

Epidemiology and pathological progression of erythematous lip lesions in captive sun bears, PLOS ONE, December 2020

The nominative technique: a simple tool for assessing illegal wildlife consumption. Oryx, December 2020

Insights for reducing the consumption of wildlife: The use of bear bile and gallbladder in Cambodia. People and Nature, Nov 2020

An Observational Study of the Behaviour of Captive Rehabilitant Sun Bears (Helarctos malayanus), Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, July 2020

Bear bile use at the intersection of maternal health in Cambodia. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, May 2020

Research Prospectus: Priority topics for ex situ sun bear conservation research

Consumer demand and traditional medicine prescription of bear products in Vietnam: Biological Conservation, Biological Conservation, July 2019

Understanding the prevalence of bear part consumption in Cambodia: A comparison of specialised questioning techniques: PLOS One, February 2019

Sun Bears - Global Status Review & Conservation Action Plan, 2019-2028_UNABRIDGED, 2019

Sun Bears - Global Status Review & Conservation Action Plan, 2019-2028_ABRIDGED, 2019

Sun bears - Global status review & conservation action plan, 2019-2028, LAOS ABRIDGED

Sun bears - Global status review & conservation action plan, 2019-2028, KHMER ABRIDGED

Gấu chó Đánh Giá Tình Trạng Toàn Cầu & Kế Hoạch Bảo Tồn 2019-2028 Phiên Bản Rút Gọn FINAL 8.4.20

Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Sun Bear Conservation & Management, 2019

The Status & Distribution of Bears in Vietnam, 2016 (English): Technical Report: Free the Bears/Animals Asia Vietnam, 2016

The Status & Distribution of Bears in Vietnam, 2016 (Vietnamese)Technical Report: Free the Bears/Animals Asia Vietnam, 2016

The challenges and conservation implications of bear bile farming in Viet Nam: Oryx, July 2018

Groundwork for effective conservation education: International Zoo Yearbook, March 2016

Understanding public perceptions and motivations around bear part use: Biological Conservation, November 2016

An apparent hybrid wild bear from Cambodia, Ursus, International Association for Bear Research and Management, February 2008

Laparoscopic-assisted insertion of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt in a rescued Asiatic black bear: Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, September 2017 

Status and conservation significance of ground-dwelling mammals in the Cardamom Landscape: Cambodian Journal of Natural History, 2017

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