Vietnam Sanctuary

Cat Tien Bear Sanctuary was opened in 2008 inside Cat Tien National Park, in collaboration with the Forest Protection Department of Vietnam. Our first group of 9 rescued bears were greeted by the largest semi-natural habitat in Vietnam for rescued wildlife.

More bear rescues placed strain on the limited facilities available and in 2017 we proudly opened the new Cat Tien Bear Sanctuary and were able to move 16 moon bears to a huge new forest enclosure at Bear House 1.

In March 2018 Bear House 2 was opened, receiving 8 sun bears to a massive forest enclosure and greatly reducing the pressure on the old sanctuary.

With a wildlife hospital under construction and plans for a quarantine house and 4 more bear houses and enclosures, our needs in Vietnam are substantial.  However our needs pale in comparison to those of the bears remaining in Vietnam’s bear bile farms.  With completion of our first 2 bear houses, we have a renewed effort to rescue and rehabilitate these poor creatures before it's too late. 

Due to the suffering they've endured at the hands of the bile farmers, it is unlikely that any of these bears can ever be returned to the wild, however the new sanctuary will offer them the next best thing.