How will your donation be used?

Across our sanctuaries in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, we care for hundreds of rescued sun bears and moon bears, which requires a huge amount of resources in the form of time, money and care. The rescued bears are given a healthy diet, veterinary care, daily enrichment activities, lovely cool bear houses and beautiful habitats which include hammocks, climbing platforms, swimming pools and caves.

Free the Bears is a growing organisation. Each year we take on more rescues as our government partners increasingly tackle the illegal wildlife trade. We're developing programmes to generate funds (Volunteer Program and Bear Care Tours) to help pay for Education and Awareness activities. However, we can unashamedly state that we need your help to cover the costs of caring for the rescued bears in our sanctuaries. We're fighting to end bear bile farming in Vietnam and Laos and confident this will happen in the coming years. In preparation for bile farm closures we're building facilities to house the rescued bears - we also need help to complete these facilities. Please give generously. Here's how your donation will be used:






Our bears receive a healthy diet of fresh vegetables and fruit supplemented with kibble for protein and additional pulses & grains. It costs over AUD$5 per day to feed a single bear. Many of our bears are rescued at an early age, sometimes as young as 1 month old. With a lifespan of 30-40 years, that's a lot of vegetables!

Bears are extremely intelligent creatures. They have one of the largest brain to body sizes of all carnivores. To keep their complex minds stimulated and allow them to exercise natural foraging behaviours, they receive different enrichment activities daily. Treat balls, 'wobble poles', ball puzzles and feeding tubes all challenge and entertain our bears. But, nothing lasts long around a bear and they regularly need replacement.  


Bears are solitary creatures in the wild. With limited funds and space, we don't have the luxury to offer each bear a large forested habitat of their own so they learn to share with other bears. It's important we provide them spaces if they feel like private time. Climbing platforms and hammocks are loved by the bears, for relaxation & fun, as well as giving them a space to call their own. Hammocks are lovingly woven by our volunteers using materials purchased with your donation.

Many of our rescued bears require extensive medical care. Whether it's a small cub, a bile farm bear with injuries/disease or bears in the sanctuaries requiring health checks and general health care, our vet department is constantly busy providing the very best treatment & care possible. New keyhole surgery and ophthalmic techniques have been developed with Free the Bears to reduce the trauma, recovery time and suffering of sick bears, and restore their sight. These new surgical techniques will benefit other species throughout the world.

To make up for the suffering our rescued bears have endured, we try to provide them the best life possible, as close as we can to a natural life. We provide large green habitats with pools to escape the summer heat. There's always work to be done to repair and improve the facilities and we're currently expanding at all of our sanctuaries to help provide refuge to additional rescued bears and other endangered species. None of this would be possible without the kindness and generosity of our supporters. Thank you for your help.