Education & Awareness

Free the Bears leads nationwide campaigns in Cambodia and Laos to increase wildlife awareness and educate local communities about the illegal wildlife trade.  All of our bear sanctuaries feature learning zones with bear viewing areas.

Our Awareness, Communication  and Education (ACE) Teams provide local and international youth groups with tailor-made schedules packed with interactive lessons, games and activities about wildlife, the environment, conservation and sustainability.

Our Cambodia sanctuary has an on-site interactive classroom, The Bear Den, the only one of its kind in Asia, featuring viewing areas into the bears’ dens, a fascinating Bear Skull collection and an educational library.

We also visit schools and other institutions, and collaborate with local universities to support students studying Biodiversity Conservation of bears.

We've helped train rangers and scientists in Bear Sign Surveys awarded scholarships for post-grad studies, trained local villagers in snare patrols and trained local keepers and vets, who have become fierce wildlife warriors and advocates in their local communities.