Be A Bear Carer

Without protected forest for release, we'll need to provide lifelong support to hundreds of rescued sun bears and moon bears. Both species are endangered, listed on the IUCN Red List as Vulnerable to Extinction. We can only provide this ongoing care with your help. There are also bears suffering in bile farms and the illegal wildlife trade that we continue to rescue each month, placing strain on our small charity and limited resources.

PLEASE HELP by becoming a monthly BEAR CARER (the Bear Buddy level is less than the cost of a coffee each week).


Our family of Bear Carer monthly donors are key to the survival of Free the Bears. Your contribution provides hundreds of rescued bears with a healthy diet, treats, vet care and beautiful enclosures containing swimming pools, caves and hammocks. You'll also be helping rescue bears suffering in bear bile farms and the illegal wildlife trade that urgently need our help.

There are 4 levels of Bear Carer - Bear Angel (A$100/£50/USD78/€64 per month), Bear Carer (A$50/£25/USD39/€32 per month), Cub Carer (A$25/£13/USD20/€16) or Bear Buddy (A$10/£5/USD8/€7/month).

Click the button for your donation currency and you will be taken to a SECURE DONATION FORM where you can select the Bear Carer level which best suits you. Welcome to the family, thank you and bear hugs!




Learn about Sponsoring or Adopting a bear here.

If you are not in a position to commit to a recurring donation, or the recurring donation levels we offer do not suit you, please make a donation (single or recurring monthly) here or send a gift to a bear here