Bear Cub Rescue

A key reason for bear rescues in South-East Asia is the illegal wildlife trade and the easiest target for wildlife traders are cubs. A mother bear would never willingly part with her cub, meaning most cubs traded have already witnessed their mother's death.

Free the Bears has become a world leader in rescued cub care. Some of the cubs we receive are as young as a month old. They cannot crawl and require 24 hour care, as well as 7 feeds a day.

Free the Bears hopes that one day rehabilitated bears will be able to be released back to the wild. This huge undertaking involves studies of bear behaviour and welfare as well as research on protected areas for safe release.

Meanwhile, these bears need to be looked after at our world-class sanctuaries.  They need rehabilitation, food, living space, enrichment activities, medical provisions and lots of care. We rely on your support to help us help these bears. Learn more about becoming a Bear Carer here