Free the Bears has been a beacon of hope for thousands of bears for over 24 years. Every day, our charity helps bears who are facing a daunting and bleak future. The demands on Free the Bears grow with each passing year as an endless stream of bears arrive at our sanctuaries throughout Asia. 

At the very core of Free the Bears is the belief that the actions of individuals can make a difference and help ensure the survival of bears in danger of extinction.  What better way to demonstrate this than by leaving a legacy to help us provide a safe and secure future for both the bears in our care and the ones we'll receive in the years to come.

Giving Opportunities

By leaving a lasting legacy you can help Free the Bears maximize your gifts in a simple and meaningful way. Your gifts can take many forms, but all represent hope for bears under threat.

Estate Planning

Having an up-to-date will is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your wishes will be carried through to protect the rights of your children and loved ones.

After you have provided for loved ones, then you may like to consider including Free the Bears as a beneficiary. If you have already made a Will, perhaps you could consider asking your solicitor to add a codicil, which will incorporate your gift to Free the Bears.

 Types of Bequests:

  • A Residuary Bequest- after providing for your family's needs you may wish to leave a specific portion or percentage of the remainder of your estate to Free the Bears. Since a Residuary Bequest is not for a specific amount of money, this sort of bequest keeps its value over the years.
  • Cash or Pecuniary Bequest - a directive in your Will that Free the Bears receives a specific amount of money from your estate.
  • Specific Bequest - a directive in your Will that specifies property, such as real estate, shares, works of art, jewellery etc., be transferred to Free the Bears from your estate.

We are pleased to provide the following recommended wording to assist you or your solicitor in writing the Will.

“ I GIVE AND BEQUEATH free of all duties, probate, death, estate, succession or otherwise State or Federal payable on or in respect of my estate or on or by reason of my death UNTO Free The Bears Ltd (ACN 629 120 449) ("the Free the Bears"), for its general use and purpose, the sum of (words) DOLLARS ($X.00).

I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other financial controller for the time being of the Free the Bears shall be sufficient discharge to my executor for payment of the said sum to Free the Bears without obligation of my executor to see to the application of the said moneys".

Please let us know 

We understand that making a will is a very personal matter, and we strongly advise you to consult a solicitor before drafting a new will or updating an existing one. We are always happy to discuss your wishes and intentions but, regretfully, Free the Bears is unable to offer direct legal or financial advice on will making or estate planning.

If you do choose Free the Bears as one of your beneficiaries, or have already done so, please let us know. As well as being of assistance for our future planning, it gives us an opportunity to recognise your generosity and accommodate your wishes. Any information you give us will be held in the strictest confidence.

NOTE: We are registered in United Kingdom as Free the Bears UK (charity number 1135682). For supporters in the UK wishing to leave a bequest, please use this name and charity number. Thank you.