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You can send a gift directly to rescued bears & dedicate it to a loved one (you'll be able to email them an e-card with a personal message).

After payment is complete, the Order Confirmation screen will appear. Please wait a moment while the e-card loads, then click on the e-card to enter a personal message and the recipient's email address. You can even schedule the e-card to be delivered in the future. NOTE: the e-card will be sent on your scheduled day at the time you made the original purchase e.g. if you purchase a Gift with e-card at 4pm today, the e-card will be sent at 4pm on the day you schedule.

The recipient can click on the card to see a video showing their gift in action at our sanctuaries. E-cards apply to: Enrichment Mix, Pot of Honey, Cub Care Kit, Treat Ball & Bear Hammock.

Please also consider becoming a Bear Carer or Sponsor A Bear - you'll be helping protect, rescue & care for endangered sun bears & moon bears. Thank you & bear hugs!

(Note: If paying by PayPal, PayPal will ask for a 'Delivery Address' - please ignore this for the gifts for bears, the gifts will go directly to the bears at the sanctuaries).

Convert to your currency using the currency tab in the menu (limited currencies available)

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