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Many of the bears we rescue have spent years in awful conditions. But our responsibility to each bear does not end with their rescue. As part of their rehabilitation we try to give them the best life possible - healthy diets, expert vet care, beautiful forest enclosures with swimming pools, hammocks, caves & climbing structures, & daily enrichment activities. With hundreds of rescued bears in our care & lifespans of 30-40 years, this is a huge undertaking and commitment.

By sponsoring our of our 'star' bears below (AUD$420 per year, or alternatively AUD35/month), you'll help make up for the suffering they've endured prior to rescue by providing them & the other bears at our sanctuaries a better future. We'll email you a special sponsorship certificate with a photograph and information about your bear, as well as regular updates. Thank you for helping to make a difference.


Would you like to adopt a bear? Recent bear rescues are simply known by their rescue number, they do not yet have a name. We're looking for supporters who would like to add a 'fur-child' to their family by adopting & naming one of the recently rescued bears. 

You'll develop a special relationship with your fur-child, learn about their history & receive regular updates (& of course you would be welcome to come & visit your child). To take on the role of adoptive parent, you'll need to agree to cover the basic care costs for your fur-child each year (AUD$3,000/year, we're looking for adoptive parents who see this as a long term commitment).

We realize this is a large commitment (some supporters conduct an annual fundraiser for their fur-child).  If you are interested, please contact us directly to learn more about recently rescued bears that need a name!

Convert to your currency using the currency tab in the menu (limited currencies available). If sponsorship is not within your budget, please consider becoming a Bear Carer.

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