Adopt LR117 or LR118

Laos Rescues #117 and #118 are orphaned siblings, a brother and sister, rescued from central Laos in January 2023, our 1st rescue of the year. When we reached the cubs, estimated to be around a year old, they were malnourished, terrified, and kept apart in separate cages. 

Since arriving to the sanctuary they've made great progress, gaining strength and confidence. They were integrated with 4 other orphaned cubs of a similar size that had been rescued in late 2022. You can watch some recent antics of the group of cubs by clicking here, as well as here and if you can't get enough, here's another.

By adopting either LR117 (the male) or LR118 (the female) or both, you'll be helping provide for their daily needs - a healthy diet, health checks, enrichment activities and a lovely habitat with climbing platforms, caves, swimming pools and hammocks. You'll get to name your fur child, we'll send you a sponsorship certificate and send updates every March and September and of course we'd love for you to come and visit.

To adopt and name a bear we ask that you cover the annual cost of basic care, which amounts to AU$3,000 per year (GBP£1,650 / US$2,000 / EU€1,900). This covers a healthy diet, vet treatment, enrichment activities and more. We're looking for adoptive parents who see this as a long term commitment and wish to continue to support their fur-child on an annual basis. You can choose to make monthly, bi-annual or annual installments.

Watch their rescue below. Please contact us if interested in adopting LR117 or LR118 (or both!) or another bear at 

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