Bear Care Tour Laos

A fun and fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of our gorgeous Bear Rescue Centre. To make a reservation please click here to email us or call: +856 (0) 209 556 1025 or +856 (0) 205 691 9988.

Our Bear Rescue Centre is located 30km south of Luang Prabang at the foot of the Kuang Si falls, a beautiful 50m high waterfall with turquoise pools, set in tropical rainforest.

Many of the bears at the Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre were destined for bile farms or kept illegally as 'pets'. Since 2003, we've been working with the Luang Prabang Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Office to create a safe haven for these victims of the illegal wildlife trade. The bears can now relax in hammocks, play with new friends and live a safe, healthy life.

We offer an exciting chance for visitors to book a half day behind-the-scenes Bear Care Tour. You'll hear the unique and moving rescue stories of our bears as well as learn about our Education Programme and what we're doing to protect wild bears. You'll then meet the bears and help the Bear Care Team to prepare their food and enrichment treats - and then watch the bears search them out and gobble them down.

By taking part in this unique experience you'll be contributing directly towards helping care for bears rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.


  • 10:15 Meet the Education Team at the Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre and learn about the history and work of Free the Bears
  • 10:30 Tour of the bear sanctuary
  • 11:15 Help the Bear Care Team hide food in the bear’s forest enclosures, then watch the bears enjoy the fruits of your labour
  • 12:00 We head back to the shop where you can purchase a Free the Bears t-shirt as a souvenir (you can opt to end your experience with the Education Team)

After the tour you can visit the waterfall, go for a swim (free fish spa) and have a bite to eat at the many restaurants. You have the option of coming back at 2pm and helping the Bear Care Team make an enrichment treat for the bears. Please inform the Education Team if you would like to take part in the second 2pm activity at least 1 day before the tour.

Optional extra: Enrichment Treats (no extra cost);

  • 14:00 Help the Bear Care Team make enrichment for all of the bears at the rescue centre
  • 14:30 Bear Care Team will hide your enrichment in the bears enclosures, you can watch the bears figure out the treats inside
  • 15:00 Tour ends 

NOTE: SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATES DURING TIMES OF COVID - USD$50 for 2 people, USD$80 for 3/4 people (USD$15 for each extra person).

To join a Bear Care Tour we ask for a minimum donation of USD$100 (for up to 4 people, USD$15 for every extra person). All proceeds support the care of our rescued bears.

Important information:

  • Free the Bears does not supply transport to the Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre from Luang Prabang. You can easily book tuk tuks or mini vans through hostels or hotels as Tat Kuang Si is a popular destination
  • Please make sure you allow plenty of time to arrive to the Bear Rescue Centre before 10:15am. Feeding times are set and a late arrival may mean you miss out. The journey from Luang Prabang to Tat Kuang Si takes around 1 hour
  • Please make sure you negotiate your leaving time with the driver prior to booking the transport, especially if you wish to make enrichment and leave after 3pm
  • You will be required by the government to pay a 20,000 kip (about USD$2.50) entrance fee (per person) to the Tat Kuang Si National Park. We do not benefit from the entrance fee, nor do we have the authority to waive the fee for Free the Bears visitors or volunteers
  • Direct contact with the bears is not possible under any circumstances - these are rescued wild animals & we want them to enjoy as natural a life as possible

  • We advise to bring closed footwear, sunscreen, mosquito repellent & suitable clothing for a day in the forest (and swimming)

 Get in touch now to book a trip, click here to email or call: +856 (0) 209 556 1025 or +856 (0) 205 691 9988.