Record Numbers of Hungry Bears To Feed

Record Numbers of Hungry Bears To Feed!

Free the Bears now cares for almost 300 sun bears and moon bears, all of which have been rescued from dire conditions, and all of which were only rescued thanks to your kind support.

Each rescued bear receives a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, seeds, beans, pulses and proteins. They also receive daily enrichment treats with honey or jam. The youngest rescued cubs require specialised diets with six milk feeds a day. Given their traumatic pasts and without safe and protected forests suitable for release, we'll likely need to care for the bears for their entire lives, up to 35 years.

With record rescues in recent years, the annual cost of caring for so many bears has increased substantially. For our Australian supporters, with the end of financial year approaching, many of you will be considering a tax-deductible donation to Free the Bears. We urge you to please give generously in this year of record rescues that is putting so much extra strain on our limited resources. Thank you.


A healthy diet for a rescued bear for a week = AUD$35 / €22 / £20 / USD28

A healthy diet for a rescued bear for 10 days = AUD$50 / €32 / £28 / USD40.

A healthy diet for a rescued bear for a month = AUD$150 / €95 / £70 / USD120

Full care for a month (diet, vet & enrichment) = AUD$250 / €160 / £140 / USD195