Sponsor Hope

Hope and seven other moon bear cubs were seized from a wildlife trader and bear farm in central Vietnam in December 2003. Likely the victim of a snare, Hope was missing her right forelimb and part of her left paw. This cruel way of capturing bears and other wildlife is responsible for countless deaths. Hope, however, is a survivor.

Hope has an incredible story of rehabilitation. She formed an incredibly strong bond with another bear who was rescued with her, Chance. Chance, who is also missing part of a paw from a snare trap, never leaves her side (it's possible they are even sisters). They eat together, explore together and even sleep in hammocks next to each other (sometimes they even share the same hammock!). Due to her injuries, Hope is quite slow to move around. But if any other bear tries to pick her, Chance swoops in to chase them away. The story of Hope & Chance is an incredible story of survival and friendship.

By sponsoring Hope, you will be helping provide for her daily needs - a healthy diet, health checks, enrichment activities and a lovely forest enclosure with climbing platforms, caves, swimming pools and hammocks. We'll email you a sponsorship certificate and send updates every March and September.

To sponsor Hope is AU$420 / GB£240 / US$336 / EU€264 per year - you can choose to make monthly, bi-annual or annual installments (if bi-annual or annual, we'd appreciate it if you could make it recurring to help our small team). Click the button for your donation currency and you will be taken to a SECURE DONATION FORM.


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