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Thank you for sponsoring a bear with Free the Bears. You've helped us rescue & care for almost 1,000 endangered bears. Due to the condition of the bears and lack of safe & protected forest, the rescued bears will likely require lifelong care at our sanctuaries, which can last up to 40 years.

Various bears have been sponsored over the years - some of them appear here. If you have sponsored a bear which doesn't have it's own sponsorship page & are willing to continue to provide support for your fur-child, we're very grateful. Please use the main Donation form here and include a note to indicate which bear you are renewing sponsorship for.

To remind, sponsorship of a bear is AU$420 / GB£240 / US$336 / EU€264 per year - you can choose to make monthly (AU$35 / GBP£20 / USD$28 / EUR22 per month), bi-annual or annual installments.

If you are sponsoring more that one bear, please make the appropriate adjustment (e.g. AU$840/yr or AU$70/mth for 2 bears, or AU$1,260/yr or AU$105/mth to cover 3 bear).

Many thanks and a huge bear hug for sponsoring a bear/s and supporting Free the Bears. Funding the care of the rescued bears in our sanctuaries is one of the most difficult tasks we face - your sponsorship is incredibly important to us. We'll do our best to send you updates of your sponsored bear/s when we can (please bear with us, excuse the pun, we're a small team working as hard as we can).