Volunteer in Vietnam

Free the Bears is proud to bring you VIETNAM EXPEDITIONS, an exciting new concept of volunteer travel at our new Cat Tien Bear Sanctuary!


(15 days)  Saturday September 21st to Saturday October 5th, 2019. Strictly limited placements – maximum of 12 volunteers.

This program allows you to immerse yourself in local cultural experiences whilst volunteering with rescued bears in one of Vietnam’s most famous National Parks. Cat Tien is home to an extensive array of highly endangered native species, some of which you may be lucky enough to spot during your stay!

By becoming part of Free the Bears team you will be directly contributing to the ongoing development, construction and support of the new Cat Tien Bear Sanctuary, situated within a lush rainforest setting - a brand new home for rescued sun and moon bears and a forever sanctuary for those yet to be rescued from the bile farms in Vietnam.

Onsite support will also be provided from our local Free the Bears team throughout your experience.

What will I be doing?

Volunteer tasks may include:

  • Assisting in the creation of bear pools
  • Assisting keepers in cleaning of forest enclosures and bear dens
  • Clearing areas for enclosure space
  • Constructing climbing structures for the bears
  • Food preparation & distribution (scatter feeding)
  • Providing sensory enrichment throughout forest enclosures
  • Creating new ‘bear proof’ enrichment (bring some ideas with you!)
  • Creating/repairing/installing bear hammocks
  • Recondition existing enclosures
  • General maintenance & improvement to the centre i.e. painting, sanding, repairs & gardening

The benefits?

Volunteers will be living and working with the call of the wild right on their doorstep quite literally - who doesn’t want to wake up to the sound of wild gibbons calling?

    Expedition Reviews:

    “Being a part of the Free the Bears volunteer program in Vietnam has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences I have ever been a part of!”  - Hannah G

    “The project was very hands on, which for me was great! The work would vary every day, from clearing up existing enclosures & building new platforms, to finding ways to keep the bears stimulated!”- Hannah R

    “To see the real difference our labours made in enhancing the quality of life for bears who have known so much suffering was incredible. We worked hard and played hard (until at least 8pm!). Loved it! Can we play again?!” - Krys

    Things to note:

    • We have a minimum volunteer age of 18 (exceptions considered for students or those with experience in wildlife/conservation)
    • You will undertake highly physical activities in a tropical climate - a moderate level of health is both recommended and required.
    • You will work closely with the bears however for your safety and their welfare there will be no direct contact
    • No experience in wild animal care is required - just be willing and enthusiastic with a strong interest in conservation and wildlife
    • A fee is charged to cover expedition costs and contribute to the ongoing development, support and construction of Cat Tien Bear Sanctuary

    For more information and an application form, please contact us at volunteer@freethebears.org