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Thank you. Your donation will help rescue bears in need and also help provide care for rescued bears, including a healthy diet, veterinary care and large forest enclosures filled with enrichments to stimulate their complex minds.

AUD$15 will feed a healthy diet to a rescued bear for 3 days 
AUD$35 will feed a healthy diet to a rescued bear for a week
AUD$150 will feed a healthy diet to a rescued bear for a month 
AUD$250 will care for a rescued bear for a month - healthy diet, vet care & enrichment to stimulate their complex minds


For a one-off donation, clicking on the box with $ amounts, then click on the button "ADD TO CART".  (Note you can add more than one amount and they will accumulate.  If, for example, you wanted to give $1,500 ;-), then you can choose either $1,000 or $500, click ADD TO CART, then click the DONATE button again and add a second amount to your cart.  You will find both amounts in your cart and can continue to the check out from there.

Please consider a monthly recurring donation. To do so, click the FOR MONTHLY DONATION button and you'll be asked to specify the amount you would like to donate each month.  Then follow the simple instructions to register.  Building a base of regular monthly donors is vital to a charity like Free the Bears, with our increasing numbers of rescues and a responsibility to provide lifelong care.  We greatly appreciate anyone who can join as a monthly donor, no matter how small the contribution.

WORKPLACE GIVING: Your employer may have Workplace Giving in place, allowing you to make regular donations directly from your payroll, with your employer matching your donation, often up to 100% (i.e. in effect doubling your donation). Please check with your employer to see if they offer this option (and if they don't, please suggest that they enter a workplace giving programme such as benevity or good2give). Don't be shy to encourage your co-workers to enroll into the Workplace Giving programme at the same time you do - every donation is doubled.

Thank you for donating to help us care for rescued bears.  For more information about how your donation will be used, please click here. Convert to your currency using the currency tab in the menu (limited currencies available). Please also consider sponsoring a bear or becoming a Bear Carer.