July rescues, research, raisers & rain

What a great month we've had.  On June 26 we picked up Laos Rescue #59, a tiny moon bear with serious health concerns.  Nicknamed Floppy, she's been given the name Belle by a kind sponsor. Laos Rescue #60, a 4 year old male called Bobby, was rescued on July 18 and seems delighted to be around other bears for the first time since being orphaned.  Both rescues were challenging (enjoy the videos). On July 24, we rescued 3 young moon bears (Laos Rescues #61-63). A 2 month old bear macaque (or stump-tailed macaque) was also rescued in late June.  What a month! 

Free the Bears Research Programme had a successful month with a paper published in the prestigious Oryx, International Journal of Conservation, covered by National Geographic. Narun, our first scholarship recipient in Cambodia, graduated with 1st class honors for his MSc in Biodiversity Conservation at Royal University of Phnom Penh.

During July we were overjoyed to reach our fundraising target for the Wildlife Hospital Appeal.  Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this very important project, the first Wildlife Hospital in Laos.  There's been plenty of rain throughout July at all sanctuaries - providing relief from the heat and turning the sanctuaries vibrant shades of green.

We have many upcoming events in August, including celebrations for Mary Hutton's 80th birthday in Perth and Sydney. We'd love to see you.

Are you interested in the adventure of a lifetime?  Join World Expeditions' Free the Bears Vietnam and Laos Journey, to help develop our sanctuaries in Vietnam and Laos.  The 13 day trip (Feb 25 - Mar 9, 2019) culminates in the official opening of our Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary. World Expeditions is a leader in responsible travel, with the price including a donation to Free the Bears (visit the Expedition page).

As we rescue more animals in need, our costs to rehabilitate & care for them are increasing.  A great way to help is by becoming a monthly donor. Building a base of monthly donors is vital to our operations and even a small monthly donation will help make a difference. 

Thank you & bear hugs.