Record Rooftop Rescue and Panda Palace

This month we rescued a record breaking 11th bear in Laos for the year (10 Laos rescues in 2017). Another tricky rescue, we had to coax the young male moon bear down from a roof after the owner threw a tantrum and released him from his cage. We managed to retrieve him safely (with honey, of course) and he is now at our Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary with a much brighter future ahead. We also rescued our first Asian golden cat. Bedraggled, starved and terrified when rescued, she now appears to be healthier, calmer and settled into a specially constructed new enclosure.

We recently completed a ‘panda palace’ for our rescued red pandas. This gorgeous enclosure has several giant teak trees connected by ramps and climbing structures. On September 15, International Red Panda Day, our three red panda princesses were given their first look at the new palace. First out was Mei li (‘beautiful’ in Chinese), soon followed by Santephaap (‘peace’ in Laos) with shy Zhuxiong (‘bamboo bear’ in Chinese) not far behind. The girls approved, immediately climbing to the top of the trees for a nap with a view.

Thanks to your help, our rescued wildlife are able to be rehabilitated from the most devastating of circumstances. Please enjoy watching updates of some remarkable recoveries - they're bound to bring a smile to your face. Our first rescue of the year, the 'red' bears, are barely recognizable.  After just 3 months, little floppy feet Belle is already far from the malnourished, shy bear we rescued. These days nothing stops Blue, unable to walk as a cub. We managed to capture an incredibly tender moment when orphaned macaque Helen was introduced to a potential new monkey mum.

Nothing we do would be possible without your kind support. Building a base of monthly donors is vital to ensure we have a funding stream to feed and care for our rescued wildlife. Even just a few cents a day adds up and can make a difference. Please click to register as a monthly donor (AUD$20 per month is less than 70 cents a day). Thank you and a big bear hug to new monthly donors - we really need and appreciate your support.

There are still places available on the trip of a lifetime to help contribute to our Vietnam and Laos sanctuaries. The 13 day trip (Feb 25 - Mar 9, 2019) culminates in the official opening of our Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary. World Expeditions is a leader in responsible travel and the trip price includes a donation to Free the Bears.