Pot of Honey

Pot of Honey

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You are sending rescued bears a pot of honey. What's a bear's favorite treat? Honey of course! In fact sun bears are sometimes known as honey bears.  They LOVE honey. 

Did you know sun bears have long claws, teeth and an extra long tongue (20-25cm!) to help them get the honey!  They also have a sense of smell 20 times more powerful than dogs and can smell honey from 1,000 meters. Once they smell honeycomb, they'll track down the tree, climb it, tear it open, and then use their long tongue to get into the honeycomb!  

It's not only sun bears that love honey, all bears do. They love honey SO much that honey is very useful to us to encourage bears to cooperate during rescues and when moving bears between enclosures.

Buy the bears a pot of sustainably harvested, fair trade honey.  They'll love you forever!