Be A Bear Carer (UK)

Without protected forest for release and lifespans of 30-40 years, we're providing lifelong care to hundreds of rescued sun bears and moon bears. Both species are listed as Vulnerable to Extinction. We are only able to provide this ongoing care with your help.

Due to COVID-19 fundraising sources have disappeared and we're really struggling. PLEASE HELP by becoming a BEAR CARER (Bear Buddy is less than the cost of a coffee per week) or BEAR SPONSOR. Free the Bears is a registered charity in the UK #1135682.

BEAR CARER - BEAR CARER recurring monthly donors (4 levels) help provide healthy diets, enrichment, vet care, climbing platforms, caves & hammocks to rescued bears.

BEAR SPONSOR - Form a special bond with Mary by sponsoring her (£20/month). You'll receive a sponsorship certificate with picture and bi-annual updates.

ADOPT A BEAR: Create a VERY SPECIAL BOND by adopting and naming one of our unnamed rescued bears. Learn about their history, get regular updates & visit your fur child whenever you like. You'll need to cover the basic costs of annual care = £1,650. Only for supporters who are willing to commit long-term. We have limited bears available, please contact us to learn more. 

BEAR CARER (click here)


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Alternatively you can make a one-off donation by clicking here. 


Please enjoy this video from Mary's first 2 months after rescue (the same time period covered in EPISODE 1 of the BBC Docuseries Bears About The House). Watch EPISODE 2 to see what happens to Mary after...