Be A Bear Carer (UK)

Without protected forest for release and lifespans of 30-40 years, our biggest expense is providing ongoing care to hundreds of rescued sun bears and moon bears. Both species are listed as Vulnerable to Extinction. Due to COVID-19 we've lost many fundraising sources and are really struggling. PLEASE HELP by becoming a BEAR CARER or BEAR SPONSOR. Free the Bears is a registered charity in the UK (#1135682). Please note we do not yet have the Gift Aid check box on the website - we will contact you about this in the future.

BEAR CARER - BEAR CARER recurring monthly donors (4 levels) help provide healthy diets, enrichment, vet care, climbing platforms, caves & hammocks to rescued bears  

BEAR SPONSOR - Form a special bond with Mary by sponsoring her (£20/month). You'll receive a sponsorship certificate with picture and bi-annual updates.



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Please enjoy this video from Mary's first 2 months after rescue (the same time period covered in EPISODE 1 of the BBC Docuseries Bears About The House). Watch EPISODE 2 to see what happens to Mary after...