Be A Bear Carer

Without protected forest for release, we'll need to provide lifelong support to the hundreds of rescued bears in our care, which can last up to 40 years. Both species are endangered, listed on the IUCN Red List as Vulnerable to Extinction. We are only able to provide this ongoing care with your help.

Due to COVID-19 fundraising sources have disappeared and we're really struggling. PLEASE HELP by becoming a BEAR CARER (Bear Buddy is less than the cost of a coffee per week) or BEAR SPONSOR.


Our family of Bear Carer monthly donors are key to the survival of Free the Bears. You'll be providing rescued bears with healthy diets, enrichment, vet care and enclosures with climbing platforms, caves & hammocks, as well as helping rescue suffering bears that need your help.

There are 4 levels of Bear Carer - Bear Angel (A$100/£50/USD78/€64 per month), Bear Carer (A$50/£25/USD39/€32 per month), Cub Carer (A$25/£13/USD20/€16) or Bear Buddy (A$10/£5/USD8/€7/month). Choose the currency and then the Bear Carer level which suits you. Welcome to the family, thank you and bear hugs!




Form a special bond with an individual bear. You'll receive a sponsorship certificate with picture and bi-annual updates. Sponsoring a bear each year costs AU$420 / GB£240 / US$336 / EU€264 - you can choose to make monthly, bi-annual or annual installments. Your donation will help care for your chosen bear & other bears at the sanctuary. Click on each bear to learn more about them.





Create a very special bond by adopting and naming one of our unnamed rescued bears. Learn about their history, get regular updates & visit your fur child whenever you like. Adoption is quite a serious commitment - we ask that you cover the basic costs of annual care which amounts to AUD$3,000 (GBP£1,670 or USD2,320). We are looking for adoptive parents who are willing to commit to the health & welfare of their fur-child on a long-term basis. With limited bears not yet named (referred to by their rescue number), please contact us to learn more if you are interested. 


If you are not in a position to commit to a recurring donation, or the recurring donation levels we offer are not suitable, please make a donation (single or recurring monthly) here or send a gift to a bear here