Laos Bear Rescue June 2020


We've learnt of 2 moon bears caged in this dirty, awful prison for at least 15 years! We have a real chance to rescue these two but NEED YOUR HELP to do so. If you can possibly spare a few dollars, please make a DONATION HERE, or even better still, please sign up to BE A BEAR CARER monthly donor, which will allow us to continue rescuing bears & caring for hundreds of rescued bears in our care. You can be a Bear Carer for less than the cost of a coffee each week. CLICK HERE TO BE A BEAR CARER.
Since January 2018 Free the Bears has rescued 45 sun bears & moon bears (far more than any wildlife charity worldwide during this period). Sun bears & moon bears are two of the world's most vulnerable bear species. We've helped rescue over 950 bears in total. The recent influx of rescues & this year's lost funding has left us in a dire situation. It is only with your support that we'll be able to continue with rescues, so please consider becoming a Bear Carer - if we can find many willing to give a little, we can continue to rescue & care for bears in need.
We realize times are tough & are sorry to have to ask again, but we can never turn our back on bears in need. Today is World Environment Day - what better way is there to show you care than by helping rescue two bears from 15 years living in hell. Thank you.


Today our government partners from Laos Provincial Agriculture & Forestry Office (PAFO) were able to get a look at the two bears which have been kept in this tiny, dirty prison for over 15 years. It wasn't pretty. The bears look to be about 40-50kg each, which is a fraction of the weight they should be (adult male moon bears generally weigh 135kg or more), suggesting the bears are severely malnourished & stunted.

The good news is that PAFO involvement means a rescue will likely be possible. We hope to do so as soon as possible, with your support. Please DONATE to help or Be A Bear Carer, involving a small monthly donation. Thank you.


We've been told the two bears are male and female, possibly brother and sister. The good news is that it's looking very likely we'll be able to rescue them this week. Have a great week & wish us luck - next week will be a much happier #MoonBearMonday for these bears.


BREAKING NEWS: Great news! We've been given permission & have the necessary approvals to proceed with the rescue of the 2 moon bears in Laos who have been starved & kept in a tiny, dirty cage for over 15 years!

We don't want these poor bears to suffer a moment longer - our rescue team is already on the road. They have a full day of travel to reach the bears, hopefully the rescue will take place tomorrow morning. Good luck team! Bring those bears home!


SUCCESS! Our Laos rescue team are jumping for joy following a safe & successful rescue. The rescue team made it safely back to the Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary and have transferred the bears to the Quarantine House where they already have more room than they've ever experienced. The more confident brother appeared nervous, although he was no doubt exhausted after the long trip (he stood guard over his sister for the entire journey). Both bears have lovely personalities & they're quickly gaining confidence.

Decades without a healthy diet or the ability to run, play or climb has left them with undeveloped muscles - they're a little uncoordinated on the climbing frame & the male has an abnormal gait. It will be a long rehabilitation for these two, but having already enjoyed a healthy breakfast, nutritious treats, enrichment & their first ever climbing frame, hammock & swim, the journey to recovery has begun.

 Thanks to the Department of Forest Inspection (DOFI & POFI Vientiane) & all our amazing supporters for helping rescue another two bears from a life of misery. We couldn't do it without you.

Here are some highlights from the June 9/10 rescue:


First they'll undergo a month or more of quarantine, then we hope to give them a large enclosure with trees, climbing platforms, swimming pools, caves, hammocks, a healthy diet and enrichment to stimulate their complex minds. After record rescues in Laos over the past 2 years, we're overflowing with bears and will need to build a new bear house and enclosure for the new rescues. We have plenty of space for our next Bear House but have not yet raised the funds to build it. Please give generously if you can - funds received will be used for the rescue, with any excess put towards the ongoing rehabilitation of these bears. Thank you.